Saturday, May 17, 2014

Papa Pita El Paso Texas

My brother Jacob and his wife just opened a restaurant called Papa Pita on Mesa Street. They just had their grand opening this weekend. I wish I could be there to try it out and support them. It sounds like a cool place with yummy fresh food: pitas, flat bread pizza, salads, and loaded baked potatoes.  Please stop in if you have a chance!

Tuesday, March 18, 2014


Nate had a business training in Maui the beginning of February. We were able to work it out so that the whole family got to go with him. It was amazing... so much fun... beautiful weather... beautiful scenery. I told Nate I feel like I am just made for that place :) Aren't we all????

Just outside of Mama's Fish house. Goofy boys!

Luau night. Jace watched the man dance and throw fire and he asked Nate if he could teach him how to do that. LOL our dare devil son!

The sand was the same color as Reagan's hair. So funny!

We spent lots and lots of of time playing in the sand at the beach. Jace loved jumping waves. Reagan was a little freaked out by it all so he stayed in the dry zone.

We went snorkeling a couple times. We found a pretty secluded area where there are sea turtles. That was a really cool experience to swim with huge turtles. I was impressed with Jace. He did awesome... wasn't afraid at all.

We went on a whale watching tour. Pretty cool over all but didn't get all that close to the whales. We could also see whales from our hotel that was right off the beach.

This is the Maui Ocean Center. We got a week pass and went a couple times. The kids loved it!

Our hotel had a kiddy splash pool that we spent a lot of time at.

 Once again our angel baby who did so well with all of the abnormal schedules.

Our hotel had a really big koi fish pond and the boys got to help feed them.

The kids couldn't really see anything when we first got in because it was late and dark but when they woke up in the morning and saw the view.... It was all smiles!

We got in to Maui around midnight. Reagan looks so chipper after his few hour nap on the plane.

 Jace trying to stay entertained for a 6 hour flight.

River did so great during the travels. She is our angel baby!

Jace loved watching the planes come in.

Hotel Swimming and practicing snorkeling again.

On the road to Salt Lake to stay the night and fly out the next morning.

The boys practiced snorkeling for weeks before we left.