Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Reagan Price Stevens... a long overdue post

Reagan Price Stevens was born on August 5th at 9:36 a.m.. He weighed 8 lb 9 oz and was 21 and 1/2 inches long. He has deep blue blue eyes (for now), a fairly dark complexion, and yes... fire red hair (also for now)! I had such a fast, easy, and nice birthing experience with him that I feel guilty telling other women about it. I told Nate I wanted to ask the doctor for a discount since he didn't have to work that hard but then Nate reminded me that if we did, the next kid we have will probably be a long and difficult delivery and then we would get charged extra... yikes!

Nate took a week off of work to help me get settled in with our new bundle of joy. I'm sorry to all the ladies out there who think you have the best husband, but your wrong... mine is definitely the best :). Nate did an amazing job of taking care of me and keeping me comfortable. He kept my house spotless and became Jace's best friend.

Jace has done so well with the transition. He immediately took to Reagan. The first time he saw him in the hospital he just caressed him and would say things like "He's cute... He's sweet.." He loves to hold Reagan and be around him. I was worried about him before because he had become so clingy and was living up to the "terrible 2's". I thought for sure we were going to have some serious jealousy and behavioral issues with him once Reagan arrived. I am not sure what happened or if it is just a saving grace from my Heavenly Father but Jace has been a little angel and seems to have matured and become more independent. It is such a blessing but at the same time it breaks my heart that he seems so old now. I keep looking at his baby pictures and get all teary eyed. He is growing up!

Adding another child to our crazy lives has been wonderful! There is a greater feeling of joy and balance in our family now. I love being a mother of 2 beautiful boys!