Tuesday, November 15, 2011

A new hairdo!

So.... Reagan's hair fell out.... yes all of that beautiful red hair!!! He only had a few random patches left that looked pretty crazy so we buzzed the rest of it. It was a sad night! I felt like I didn't even have the same baby any more. We are getting used to it now though. Hopefully it will grow back thick and red!

Halloween Festivities!

A trip to the pumpkin patch with my sisters.

Jace BOOKED it through the corn maze. It was so fun to watch him get excited about finding his way out.

Jace and his cousin Sander, getting ready to ride the train.

We had a Halloween play-date with one of my neighbors. All the kids dressed up, made crafts and decorated cookies. Lots of fun!

We took Jace to "Boo at the Zoo". We all had a blast getting candy and checking out the animals at night time.
We ran into this Giraffe at the zoo and Jace was so excited. He couldn't stop talking about how he saw a giraffe just like his costume...only bigger!
All dressed up for trick-or-treating on Halloween night. Nate took Jace around the neighborhood while Reagan and I passed out candy at home. At one point during the evening, I had about 15 kids outside my door all at once. As I opened the door with the candy bowl in hand, this little boy starts yelling "she has suckers! she's handing out suckers mom... just like everyone else.... just suckers... all I am getting are suckers!".... Yes, I was a cheapskate and handed out suckers for Halloween but apparently I wasn't the only one :).

Last stop was Grandma and Grandpa Stevens' house where Jace got a special treat bag.