Monday, May 23, 2011

Happy Birthday!

I celebrated my 28th birthday on Friday. I am starting to feel a little old. 28 is too close to 30 and its a bit scary for me. Yikes! I had a great day though. Nate stayed home from work and let me relax during the day while he took care of Jace. He took me out to eat at Jaker's for dinner and then we had some family and friends over that night for cheesecake (my favorite). Everyone gave Nate a hard time because I made my own birthday cake but that is just because it is a fairly difficult and time consuming cheesecake to make. To his credit though, he did surprise me with two mini cakes that morning for breakfast.

Every birthday, Nate and I ask each other what our biggest accomplishment was for that last year of life and what goal we want to set for our next year of life. I would honestly have to say that hiking the Middle of the Tetons was my biggest accomplishment in my 27th year. In my 28th year, I think I would like to play a musical number on the cello in church. (I know that probably sounds like a weak goal but performing publicly would be a pretty big deal for me). We'll see how things go!