Thursday, January 21, 2010

I have such a sweet husband!

One of Nate's many talents is that he picks out the best gifts. This is both good and bad for me... good because I get awesome gifts... and bad because I can never find a gift for him to compare.

This Christmas Nate rented me a cello and signed me up for lessons. I have always LOVED the sound of a cello but never in my wildest dreams did I ever think I would play one! I am so NOT musical. So far I am really enjoying the learning process and feel so thankful to my wonderful hubby for this awesome gift.

Thursday, January 7, 2010

6 months ~ He is just a miniature man!

A few nuances: 6 months

Jace turned six months old on Christmas day. He weighs 16.5 lb. He is in the 35th% for his weight and 95th% for his length (he is one long dude!). He is sitting up and rolling all over the place. He made out like a bandit for Christmas thanks to wonderful grandparents (Christmas pics will be posted later).

Standing up to one of his new toys from Christmas. This surprised me a bit because he has never really been able to stand up without someone holding him.

We started Jace on cereal so we got him a new booster seat. It is a bit hard to feed him because he is constantly leaning over to get that darn velcro strap on the side.

Jace had a terrible cold for about a week. He was miserable! This was the first smile we had seen out of him in days. He is doing much better now.... almost completely over it.