Thursday, October 20, 2011

Our very busy but fun last two months!

Reagan is 2 1/2 months now. He is an angel baby! Truly! He frequently sleeps through the night already! He only fusses when he is hungry... He melts my heart with his big eyes, sweet smile, and tender coos.

Williams Family Visit
Lower Mesa Falls
Happy Grandparents!
My dad and Jace at Upper Mesa Falls
We also drove to Mesa Falls with my family. We tried to stop at the famous Warbirds Cafe for lunch but after finding them closed, we settled for Burger King.
Reagan on the day of his baby blessing. My mom made him his cute little outfit.
I may complain a lot in the winter about the snow and cold but if you catch me any other time, I'll tell you that Idaho is God's country. Nate and I have recently been talking about how much we love it here and want to stay here for a very long time. It is such a pretty area and there is so much to do... if you like the outdoors activities... which we do :)
Jace had a cute milk mustache after eating his "square" ice cream.
We stopped off at a scenic look-out over Swan Valley.
I love all of the fall colors right now! Such a gorgeous area that we live in.
Sander found a comfortable chair to "kick back" in. What a cutie!
My sister, Ruth, and her youngest, Sander.

We drove to Palisades Lake again while my family was here and spent the afternoon hiking around, roasting hotdogs, and chatting by the fire.

My sister (Aunt P) working her magic on Reagan.

My family came to visit for Reagan's baby blessing in our church. We had a random snow storm the day they got here. My mom had Jace out making a snowman right away.
He loves his baths lately. Sometimes he'll even take 2 a day!
I found him wearing my boots around the house the other day.
Just some recent pictures of Jace being cute! He made me laugh so hard one day when he was eating his otter-pop. He kept getting frustrated because his hands were cold so he finally asked me to put his mittens on him... what a problem solver!

Jace had his first "movie theatre" experience. We took him to see Cars. He looked so cute sitting there with his popcorn and drink.

We drove to Lake Palisades over conference weekend. We listened to the talks as we drove and then had a picnic at the lake. It was tons of fun and so beautiful with all of the trees changing colors.
Nate had his 32nd Birthday and got an AWESOME gift!!!! Actually... it wasn't a birthday gift but it came on his birthday so we will call it more of a birthday bonus!

Stevens Family Vacation to Utah
All of the grandkids together.
Here are the three newest grandchildren.
One of the evenings that we stayed at the hotel, (Nate had run into town and I was busy manning Reagan) Jace got spoiled rotten by his aunts and uncles at the pool.

Jace and Kardynn waiting for the bird show to start at the Zoo. (BTW... it was an absolutely awesome show!)

We spent a wonderful afternoon at Hogle Zoo in SLC. If you are ever in that area and have time, I totally recommend the zoo. We spent 4 hours there and had a blast.
We had dinner at Maddox Restaurant. The kids got Frisbees with their meals.
We got a new double stroller (sit and stand) and used it for the first time on the trip. We LOVE it!

Over Labor day weekend, all of the Stevens clan went to Logan and Salt Lake for a little family reunion. Our first stop was Hill Air Force Base.