Thursday, June 18, 2009

Baby's room is finally put together!

If it wasn't for Roberta's huge belly, you wouldn't have even known that the Stevens' were expecting a baby a week ago. Yes we waited until the last minute to purchase everything and put the room together. It is all finished though! Nate spent hours putting the crib and changing table together. Roberta painted the art work on the wall, and the beautiful quilt on the wall is the work of Teresa Stevens. Thanks to everyone who gave us gifts to help us get ready for our baby. Especially.... Thank you to Nate's parents, Don and Teresa, who gave us the Play Yard/Bassinet, and to Roberta's Parents, Bob and Dorothy, who gave us the stroller and car seat. Without the help of our parents, our baby wouldn't have a way to get home from the hospital nor a place to sleep once he got home. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

Roberta in her fullest glory!

We are just days away from the due date and are anxiously awaiting the arrival of our little boy. We still don't have a name picked out but we did get his car seat and a place for him to sleep set up just this last weekend. We are ready!