Sunday, February 10, 2008

Our New Home! Check out our snow!

Here is the moment you have all been waiting for! We are finally posting a picture of our new home. We just closed on Friday so it is officially ours! Poor Nate gets a workout every day when he shovels our driveway. Check out how long that thing is!

Time in the slammer!

While at the Grand Canyon, we stopped in a Wild West town setup. Roberta got to put Nate in jail. It was lots of fun!

Grand Canyon!

We took our time on our drive to Idaho and spent a night and a day in Vegas. From Vegas we took a small plane to the Grand Canyon. It was Roberta's first time to go and it was a cool site to see from up in the air. We spent a couple hours there hiking around and had a barbecue lunch cooked by some of the Native Americans in the area. Even though it looks like Roberta is the one afraid of heights in this picture... it is actually Nate.

One of our other favorite things to do in Phoenix was hike. We had made a habit of going every day after work and we are proud to say that we conquered two of the most difficult mountain trails in the area. Will will absolutely be frequenting the mountains in Idaho as soon as this snow melts!

Go Coyotes!

Well... for those of you that have not heard yet, we just moved to Idaho Falls! Nate got a job at INL and so we left our beautifully warm Phoenix winter. We spent our last couple weeks in Phoenix doing the things that we love most there.... Hockey Games!!!!! Living just a couple of blocks away from the stadium, we have become huge Coyotes fans this last year. We are going to miss it, but will still be supporting our team from our living room.