Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Christmas 2013

The boys got to see Santa for the first time. It was really cute! As we were waiting in line I could tell that Jace was getting nervous and he was trying to figure out what he was going to ask Santa for. I watched all of the kids ahead of us... Santa had to prompt them with questions to get them to talk. When Jace's turn came to sit on Santa's lap he immediately told him what he wanted and then did not stop talking for a good 2 minutes. I don't even know if he took a breath in there. Santa was looking at him wide eyed the entire time.  Reagan was a little shy but still very willing.

We had Nate's Parents over for Christmas Eve. We ate tamales, opened new jamas, threw around some reindeer food outside, and played games.

 Christmas morning was so much fun. There was just so much excitement from the boys. Jace is at the right age to really get into the whole Christmas and Santa deal and Reagan copies everything that his brother does and says.

Nate and I made these creature power suits  for the boys and their cousins. It is Jace's favorite show but they don't really sell any toys for it so we had to get creative.

Here is my attempt to update and catch up with over a years worth of pictures. :)

Christmas time! Nate does such a good job making our house festive. I appreciate that he puts forth that effort each year.

First snowman of the season

Jace wanted a sea turtle for his pumpkin. I totally have to earn some parent points for this one right??!!! :)

Fall time and Halloween. The boys had fun at the pumpkin patch and straw maze.

We had her blessed in November.

River of course has grown so big! It is amazing how fast that happens. She is such a sweet and happy baby. Always laughing and cooing. 

Jace on his first day of preschool

The boys moved into the same bedroom together. They got a bunk bed and love it. Jace of course rules the top. Reagan had a hard time actually sleeping on his bed. For the first few weeks we kept finding him asleep on the floor and sometimes under the bed.

I love this picture. It makes me laugh every time I see it. He was so dang cute riding around in his spidy outfit.

Reagan is figuring out the balance bike

Reagan's 2nd Birthday. He loves motorcycles so that was his cake theme. Jace was really sweet with him and made him a special bday hat.

Reagan and his chubby cheeks

Summer house projects: Gazebo and porch swing

This picture probably needs some explaining... :) Nate's mom has all of her old work out spandex saved from the 80's. They make the perfect slip and slide suites and they also make us crack up at the boys. This should become a yearly tradition!

July 4th Activities. We went to the parade in the morning. Slip and slide, water fights all day. BBQ and fireworks all night. 

Jace's 4th Birthday

First Year Preschool Graduation

Jace learned how to ride a bike without training wheels. He likes to put on dad's motorcycle helmet. so cute!

Hadrid is getting big! 

Rexburg splash park. Soaking up the sun and riding the carousel

Camping and hiking with dad

BBQing with the neighbors

Jace did multiple swim classes this summer. He is our little fish now!

Jace did his first year of tball during the summer. He was your typical 4 yr old out there messing with the dirt more than paying attention to the game. Loved it!

One of our Christmas gifts last year was a family season pass to our zoo. We went almost weekly and tried to take a different friend with us each time. It was so nice to just take a stroll and check out the animals.

One of our favorite summer activities was to make smores by our fire pit. The boys were so cute in their little chairs

Jace had a field trip to Bear World during his last week of school. His cousin Bekam was also there with him and they had a blast playing together.

Easter was cooking decorating and egg hunting. One of our neighbors invites all the kids to her yard where she puts out so many eggs and prizes that you literally have to bring a pillowcase to carry it all. 

Toward the end of February we went to Ashton for their annual dog derby race. Jace participated in a snowshoe race and Hagrid got to pull Jace around on a dog sled. It was tons of fun and we want to make a tradition out of it.

Nate is a huge lego fan. He gave me some jewelry in this awesome lego jewelry box he made. What a sweet nerd! I love hime!

Jace had his first valentine exchange at school. He came home really happy.

V-day morning! Nothing like candy for breakfast!

The boys got these fun masks for Christmas '12 and have had so much super hero fun!