Friday, January 16, 2009

We are having a baby!

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Saturday, January 3, 2009

Merry Christmas!

The snow is piling up high already! Nate has been getting his workout again while shoveling our driveway. Our lights are pretty simple this year but we had fun putting them up and have enjoyed being a little festive.

Christmas here we come!!!!!

We decided to be smart this year and put up our Christmas lights before it got too cold. It was still chilly but nothing compared to what followed shortly after. Thanks to our neighbors who gave us the idea to put the lights up early!

Congratulations Roberta!!!!

After 7 and 1/2 long years of going to school, Roberta finally graduated! Her family came up from Texas and Arizona to support her which was super cool of them. Graduation has been a goal of hers for a long time and now she has finally accomplished it.
This is a lighthouse on the North shore of Kauai. Just another one of the cool sites.
We rented a Jeep while in Hawaii. It was fun to cruise around with the top off and we used it to help get us into some hiking areas in the canyon.

Nepali Coast

We hiked along the Nepali Coast until we got to a 300 ft waterfall. The hike was long and difficult but well worth it. It was one of the most beautiful sites we had ever seen.


We went to Hawaii to celebrate our anniversary. We spent most of our time on the island of Kauai but also took a day trip to Oahu to see Pearl Harbor. Roberta had morning sickness the whole time but we still had a blast and it was an amazing trip.

Happy 1 Year Anniversary!!!!!

Believe it or not, we had our one year anniversary on October 13th! We can't believe how fast time has flown by. We also found out on the day of our anniversary that Roberta is pregnant! We are so happy and excited about it!

We planted pumpkins in the garden. We were told to pull some of the plants early on so that we could have bigger pumpkins. We got greedy though and thought "Why pull up some of the plants??? We want as many pumpkins as we can get!" We ended up with about 30 small pumpkins! We had no idea what to do with them all. Next year, we will follow the very wise advice we were given and hopefully get some bigger pumpkins.

Way to go Nate!

Nate hiked the Middle Grand of the Tetons all in one day! He trained all summer long for it and I am so proud of him. His goal for next summer is the Grand.
This is a small waterfall that we took a picture of on one of our bike rides to Swan Valley.
It has been a long time since we have posted anything so we have a lot to catch up on. We bought a motorcycle this summer! It is a Yamaha Virago. It rocks! It cut our gas cost in half and we also had a blast cruising to some beautiful areas. We have decided to become hippies, riding around on our bike and taking pictures of waterfalls :).